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We at Space Your Life, help you where it matters — your closet, your office, right at your desk, or in your kitchen—working hands-on to sort out your time, information, and belongings. Our systematic approach to successful space organization is based on four core principles for each and every space organizing project: The 4P`s: Prepare, Plan, Personalize and Play. We don't just talk about it—we pride ourselves on providing visible results that reduce stress and save you time

Kids Space: Bedroom, Playroom & Study Area

With everyone's busy schedules, you might find it impossible to keep everything organized for your children and household. We at Space Your Life , can help you with your children's organization. We determine your needs and organize your children's bedroom, playroom and study area accordingly. Each kid-friendly organizing project is personalized for your lifestyle. We teach you how to understand the core issues that cause you disorganization and how to prevent them in the future.


Garage Space

Your home’s garage is a great space for working on projects, storing seasonal goods and housing sporting equipment for the entire family. But often this space is overrun with so many things that you mean to organize at some point and just never seem to find the time.



Closet Space

Your new closet will save you both time and money. You’ll know exactly where to find things and, better yet, where to put them back. It’s easier to mix and match outfits when you know what you have and can see everything clearly. Best of all, you’ll be able to expand your organized closet.


Living Room Space

The living room is most likely going to be the first room buyers see when they enter the home. A spacious living room is a good selling point for buyers. When your home is on the market, the best way to appeal to buyers is to remove as many personal items from the living room as possible- also known as staging. A room with lots of clutter is going to look smaller than a room that is clear of clutter. The key to staging any room is to keep it simple.

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