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Vidi is very positive and has great energy to transform your home into organized spaces. She is not judgemental about messes, just helps to fix them. I loved her skill set and will definitely use her in the future”

“Vidi was amazing- my house feels / looks so much better!”

"Space Your Life organizer Vidi was just terrific! She was punctual and results driven. Just two hours made a huge difference. We are going to have her back!"

"This was incredibly helpful! She did a fabulous job and worked really hard! Working with her was inspiring to do more cleaning around my house!!"

"Vidi is amazing: easy to work with, fast, with a great sense of how things can be better without needing to go out and buy new shelves or bins, or etc. I'm definitely going to be doing business with her again!"

"Vidi is at great at reading her customer's needs and tastes and recommending appropriate solutions and ideas. And she does more than just organization, she has a great eye for design too."

"It was WOW!!!!!! At first I thought it will probably make some small changes, because I thought I don't need much, but instead the difference was so amazing and it made my day to day routine so much more enjoying. In addition to that, it was so much fun meeting and working with Vidi!"

"I totally loved this. I not only got help organizing, she also re-arranged my furniture in a way I would never have seen on my own. It is amazing how much she got done in two hours."

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